Ford BoM Database

Customer: Ford

In line with the development process for a new vehicle, the departments involved prepare and update numerous parts lists (“Bill of Material”; BoM) with the pertinent relevant information, such as component characteristics, finance data, project management data, etc.

The motivation for developing the BoM database was to merge the disparate databases in the individual departments into a central application, which will enable a comprehensive overview of the current development status of an individual component. Achievement of department transcending analysis and documentation functions was a core objective of the system, in addition to the acquisition and provision of all relevant component information. Naturally, the BoM database achieves a finely graduated access rights system, which grants the users write and/or read rights on specific attributes or attribute quantities. By centralizing the databases and creating a network transcending access even for suppliers involved in the vehicle development (who are not able, e.g. to see any financial data), it was possible to construct the accompanying administration requirement far more efficiently.

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