LabelGenerator – Simplified generation of product labels

Customer: BMW

LabelGenerator is an application for previewing multilingual product labels.

The product information is read in from a database, an Excel or XML file and is automatically placed on a label by means of templates. Depending on the template, a circular label, a booklet or any other type of label is generated as a 2D vector graphic by means of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) technology.

The individual elements can then be newly arranged whilst the text content can be manipulated. By means of the Unicode capability of the application, several languages can be placed simultaneously on the label.

Using LabelGenerator it is possible to check whether the size conditions of the label are optimally matched, and the number of markets that can be placed on the label without the need for manual alterations to the typesetting program.

The outcome is the layout template for the final label. Several export formats are shown here, such as, e.g. PDF, SVG or JPG.

Learn more about the Label Generator in the Data sheet and try now using the free download version. Georg Bührmann will be please to answer your questions.

All brand names, product names and abbreviations are the property of their respective companies.