Automated generation of circuit diagrams suitable for servicing purposes

Customer: In-House

Schematics suitable for servicing purposes are prepared in a multi-stage and often quite complex process.

The service schematic is manually assembled on the basis of the development schematic, then drawn and supplemented by information relevant to servicing.

It is possible, however, to generate schematics in an automated process on the basis of network lists, fixed assignment rules and additional information.

The Schematic Generator SG (© RLE INTERNATIONAL) is a process tool for the automated generation of schematics suitable for servicing purposes under the direct use harness-based information.

SG makes it possible to automatically transfer information from harness network lists into the graphical depiction of schematics.

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  • Great increase in quality and efficiency thanks to generation of schematics “on demand” and in real time, and on the basis of current data
  • Reduction of data volume by up to 90% compared with conventional solutions
  • Up to 30% saving in time and cost possible
  • Direct use of harness-based data
  • Production of schematic printouts and files suitable for servicing purposes
  • Preparation & updating of online portals with functionalities such as cable real colours, position graphics, CBT etc.

The schematics generated are suitable both for printing and for use in online portals. Adaptation to customer-specific formats and interfaces is carried out by RLE INTERNATIONAL software development.

  • Depiction of the schematics 100% analogue to the network lists
  • Significant reduction in preparatory work thanks to (semi-) automated processes replacing the manual processing that has been required up to now
  • Modularity on the basis of modern JAVA technology allows adaptation of the depiction (cable routing), the input interface and the export formats to concrete customer requirements
  • The schematics generated by SG are suitable both for printing and for use in online portals.
  • Possibility of comparing the whole network list (clear accentuation of changes)
  • Data editing and management
  • Automatic preparation of the key in all the languages required
  • Library can be extended individually