Hydraulic control unit for AT and CVT

Customer: ZF Friedrichshafen

Scope of services of RLE:

  • Installations study, definition of assembly parts
  • Layout according to hydraulic diagram and valve –specification
  • Parametric design acc. functional and manufacturing (die cast)
  • Detailing and tolerancing for serial parts
  • Tolerance analysis of valve/control edges

Special project features:

  • The hydraulic diagram including functional description has been coordinated with the customers ZF resp. Ford.
  • Definition of minimum numbers of design parameters, layout
  • Definition of control edges, parameterized CAD-construction, to simplify design modifications
  • Generation of documentation incl. tolerance analysis of control edges
  • Design and specification of hydraulic diagram
  • Modelling and inspection of functions with programs as: Matlab/ Simulink, AMESim

Technical highlights:

  • CAD-Engineering: responsibility at RLE (from concept up to serial parts)
  • Parameterized construction according to a self developed method, which simplifies later modifications and the development of gear bodies of the same family automatically. Now basis for ZT internal standard!

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