PDM implementation and System Update

Customer: Research Centre / Technology

Update and review of the existing PDM system ENOVIA SmarTEAM.

Term of all activities: 8 weeks

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Update and review of the existing PDM system ENOVIA SmarTEAM.


The PDM implementation has been kicked-off by a process analysis and system specification. The specification and IT infrastructure setup was followed by the implementation of the PDM system itself, in this case ENOVIA SmarTeam.

The implementation contained the CAD integration at 21 clients. Furthermore a product development workflow to release components has been defined and mapped within the system.
In completing the PDM implementation 70 employees of the areas development, QM, production planning and project management had been trained.

Due to various factors a version update of the PDM-system was required after two years. This included as well a data base and system update plus the review of all automatisms which had been developed along the implementation. The realization of this task has been partitioned into preparation, implementation, testing of the updates and a short briefing for the key users.

Long-term experience in PDM implementations, in this case for the existing customer’s PDM system ENOVIA SmarTeam of Dassault Systèmes.


Main benefit was both the implementation of the PDM system and the subsequent version change were provided out of the same hand. Thereby a foundation of trust between customer and RLE has been developed for many years and accessed continuously to existing system, process and methodical knowledge.