Modular Spaceframe Architecture for Electric City vehicle

Project features / Scope of activities:

  • Development of a lightweight BiW incl. closures <260 kg (approx. 80 kg lighter than conventional steel body.)
  • The body is based on a lightweight aluminium spaceframe (183 kg). This extrusion-intensive design offers low invest and high variability.
  • The structure is built around the passenger and the batteries: >220 l battery volume in the protected cell.
  • The spaceframe has 5 zones of easy modification to derive different sizes of vehicles: 2+2, 5-seater, 7-seater or urban delivery vehicle
  • Multiple door concepts and lightweight closures have been developed, including the all-new Twin Sliding Door®.
  • Joining methods and assembly sequence have been planned in parallel for prototype and for later industrialization.

EV Concept Vehicle – Specification:

  • City vehicle with 4 Seats for „premium 2.0“ customer
  • 3.800mm length, 1.800mm width, 1.600mm height
  • 1.300 kg weight curb weight (1050 w/o battery)
  • 355 V; 35,5 kWh; 40 kW (80 kW max);
  • 160 km range; 120 km/h top speed

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