Planetary Gear Concept for EV Near Wheel E-Motor

RLE scope of activities:

  • Setup Gearbox specification based on Vehicle & Motor spec.
  • Benchmark, package and concept validation
  • Concept layout and design (CAD)
  • Interface Design to Motor and Driveshaft

Project features:

  • Usage of a serial E-Motor combined with an mechanical transmission to achieve torque and speed targets (ratio i~2,0)
  • A solution with fixed ring gear – also for housing mounted to the motor- was not feasible with the required ratio and due the axial limitations
  • Best solution was a planetary gear set with a fixed carrier to use w/o changes on the serial motor
  • The target ratio of i=2,1 was applicable. Gear calculation were delivered
  • The design contents a carrier mounted in a compact housing unit (only 70 mm length), which could be easily assembled to the motors
  • The ring gear was shaped like a drum with integrated flange for fixing the side-shafts (similar Audi/VW) instead of the scheduled stub-shafts -> better asembling
  • CAD concept (3D/CATIA V5) including gear set, housing, bearings and sealing were delivered

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