Bumper, grille & GOR (Grill OpeningReinforcement) Ford Focus & C-Max

Customer: Dynamit Nobel

RLE scope of services:

  • Design and feasibility
  • Production and service release
  • Test management, verification and documentation
  • Prototype and serial support including change management

Project characteristics:

  • Design reagrding
    Styling, Supplier specs, legal requirements, feasibility and service
  • Production and service release
    for the different Ford plants in Europe, Asia, Russia for all variants & options
  • Design verification
    Coordination of the Supplier and OEM testings incl. verification & documentation
  • Launch & serial support
    Support of all launch phases and change management

Technical highlights:

  • Hood lock included in the front grille
  • GOR is the support structure for the complete Front-Ends
  • GOR as a hybrid part, plastic with sheet metal
  • GOR gets fixed with tolerance elements to the BiW before painting

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