Non-Torgue-Interupted Transmission ZS320

Customer: In-House

Scope of services of RLE:

  • Concept development, system analysis
  • Patent research, patent application
  • Mechanical design and detailing
  • Simulation with Matlaband Dymola
  • Control unit simulation with Matlab/ Simulink
  • Layout of an electrical-hydraulic control

Special project features:

  • In-house project to extend and demonstrate RLE competencies
  • Engineering of different concepts versions
  • Design and CAD-design of one version for a car with rear wheel drive
  • Inclusion of various groups of the Powertrain department in the project
  • Assembling a real time use -simulation of the control with Matlab/ Simulink
  • Loss-analysis via Matlab/ Simulinkmodell (diploma thesis – Braunschweig University Student)

Technical highlights:

  • Shifting with the comfort of a modern automatic transmission, but with no traction interruption
  • Compared to automatic transmissions, higher efficiency due to abetter performance
  • No synchronisation necessary because of a central synchronisation unit, less complexity
  • German patent DE 103 50 917 B3 dated 25.5.2005

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