Dual-E-Transmission for the hybrid powertrain of the COMET-project

Customer: Bosch

Scope of services of RLE:

  • Project responsibility for mechanical transmission
  • Feasibility analysis, generation of specification
  • Generation of a concept / Parts-Sourcing
  • Patent research / apply for a patent
  • Complete construction (CAD), Calculation, FEA
  • Delivery of 6 functional prototype transmission
  • Design of a stand for demonstration as well as software presentation

Special project features:

  • Responsibility for the complete mechanical design up to providing prototype transmissions
  • The specification exceeded parameters of existing transmissions on the market at that time
  • Design of 3 concepts, optimization, installation investigations, benchmark analysis, choice of the best solution
  • Construction of components/ -groups
  • Simulation, calculation and preparation of technical documentation
  • Testing at partner FKA, installation of 2 test cars, successfultest runs
  • Publication at VDI-Congress 2004 through BOSCH

Technical highlights:

  • Shifting without traction interruption, driving comfort as per infinitely variable transmission, because of electro mechanic power split
  • Hybrid transmission: Replacement of clutch, starter and generator. Reduces fuel consumption, increased acceleration
  • Follow-up projects: Concept design for front-cross assembly, development of an active synchronisation

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