Support of the VR-environment

Customer: OEM / Automotive

Within the product development process Virtual Reality (VR) has a key role on the way to digital manufacturing (digital factory). The customer – a leading automotive manufacturer – requested support to ensure the efficient use of the VR-application

Term of support: 1 year

All brand names, product names and abbreviations are the property of their respective companies.

  • Project-related use of the VR-environment, e.g. the migration of VR-features in the operating software, the presentation of VR-innovation projects (finger tracking, drive simulation, Teamcenter connection, etc.)
  • VR-software release management including evaluating and testing of new releases, license management
  • Data backup
  • VR-user support in different development areas
  • VR-methodology development
  • Execution of tests, benchmarks and pilot projects to achieve a VR-performance improvement

The RLE support has been integrated in the customer’s support and IT structure. This implied both the participation at all at-topic meetings and the anytime availability.

RLE provided a diversified, system independent expertise in product visualisation and VR-solutions.


A dedicated VR SPOC (Single point of contact) was offered to the various product development departments involved in the digital manufacturing process. The availability of the VR-environment could be ensured as well during platform changes and other necessary system modifications, hence cost-intensive, interrupting workflow scenarios were avoided.